so on the bus this morning

we stop at a red light and this lady gets off

she goes about half a block down, and then we saw her freeze and run after the bus


I love the use of the word entire as in she could have just left the leg of the baby but no she left the whole baby

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The man from the other side

So I wrote this kind of quickly. I’m not sure if it’s good or if you guys will like it. I haven’t written anything in a long time. Perhaps if you guys like it I can write the how they met story and what happens next? Let me know how you feel about it. ^^ -Harlibug

You stood on the side you defended, knowing you were right without a doubt, that nothing could change your mind. That you would fight till the end. You were ready, you had been involved in many riots such as this. You had trained in many different fight styles, many different weapons. You knew what you were doing and how to defend yourself. You knew how to win. Yet as everything broke out, your heart still sank, despite knowing that you were right, despite the adrenaline running through your veins.

            And suddenly there he was, his face shining bright in your head as it had that one night the two of you spent together. That one wonderful, beautiful, splendid night when you fell in love for the first time, with a man you had only just met and would probably never see again. You remembered that cute way he looked at you the first time he met you, the same way you’d imagine someone may look at an angel if it appeared before them. You remembered how special he made you feel. You remembered wanting to spend the rest of your life with him. Suddenly all that mattered was the adrenaline. All that mattered was winning. His face gave you fuel. It gave you fire to fight hard. Himchan was how he introduced himself; the love of your life was how you would then on remember him. You fought you way through the crowd, turning to meet face to face with an opposer.

            Your heart sank. The surprise on your face mirrored on his gorgeous perfect jaw line and in his beautiful eyes. The both of you frozen in time and space, starring at each other in surprise as the riot raged on around you. Flashbacks swam through your head of the way he looked at you as he made love to you. The way he held you so tight and close in his arms. ‘I…I…’ You started to stammer, almost forgetting that he was wearing the other side’s colors. Suddenly you were pushed forward against him, so hard that the breath was knocked out of you. He steadied you and you could see the rage in his eyes as he looked back at the guy who pushed you. The man was tall and muscular, wearing his colors.

            You knew that both of you could be punished severely within your own groups for this. Dating outside of your own group was forbidden, much less dating someone of the opposing group. They wouldn’t accept the excuse that the two of you met and fell in love without previously knowing. Neither of you had any idea, as you thought a like, acted the same. Wasn’t it supposed to be obvious that you came from different groups? The punishment could be unbearable for both of you.

            As you asked yourself this you realized that you were no longer on your feet, but being carried through the crowd, people being pushed aside. You looked up at him, heart pounding, and your eyes met. You knew in that moment that he had every intention of taking you away. Running away. You were both scared and exhilarated. You watched his face as he ran, listened to the combination of the smoke and gas bombs going off, and weapons hitting flesh, and his heart beat. You breath caught in your throat, having forgotten just how perfectly gorgeous he was. ‘Where are we going?’ You asked softly, blinking slowly.

‘Shh…’ He said, setting you down and taking your hand and a quick breath. ‘Just run.’

Soccer Game (Minho)

So this is a bit cheesy. But that is okay. 

This is for the anon who had requested this! Thank you for the request! :)


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Oh and I apologize for any grammar errors. 


 Minho was super excited. He wanted to visit London again to go and see the Queens Park Rangers play but this time he had to bring Kibum since Kibum wanted to go back to London too.  But, he loved soccer, as all of his fans know, and he loved watching the professionals play so much that he didn’t mind. He had walked into the stadium with Key admiring all of what made it up. He loved seeing all the fans shuffling in and the fans being as excited as he is. He pondered if this is how HIS fans felt when they went to a SHINee event.  He looked at his ticket to find his seat. When he and Key sat down, Key took out his phone to take a few selcas while Minho took out his DSLR to take a few photos of the stadium to capture the moment while he waited for the game to start. He was too busy to look over and see the person sitting in the seat next to him until he felt something bump his arm.

                “Oh, I’m so sorry,” he heard a feminine voice as he shot his last picture.

                “It’s okay,” he said as he looked over at her. When he turned to look at her he almost choked; he wasn’t expecting her to be so cute. “I was just taking a few pictures,” he said with the kindest smile he can form. Kibum looked over to see what was going on and looked away the moment he saw Minho’s smile. He knew just from looking at it that he was attempting his best to flirt.  He smiled to himself.

                “Oh, are you into photography?” she asked

                “Yes, but I’m just an amateur.” He replied as he tried to be to show the fact that he thought that she was cute. She was wearing her fan apparel as she was wearing a Park Rangers jersey with similar soccer shorts as the team. She had her hair up with a bow to match the uniform.

                She giggled at his response. “But practice can always make perfect,” she says cheering him on.

                He smiled even wider at her encouragement. “Well, would you like to help me practice?” he asked blushing. “It’s something to do while we wait for the game to start.”

                She smiled and nodded her head yes. He motioned for her to stand up and she did as she was told.

                “How do you want me to be?” she asked

                He took a second to think. “Just act naturally, continue talking. And move, smile, and laugh normally.” He instructed.

                “Okay, um, well since you said continue talking I’ll introduce myself. My name is __________,” she started as he started finding angles to capture her at. He smiled behind the camera and replied while still taking photos as she slightly moved and her facial expression changed.

                “My name’s Minho. This is my friend Kibum.” Kibum turned and waved at the sound of his name and she waved back at him.

                “Well its nice meeting both of you,” she says. “Oh, here maybe this will give you a few different shots,” she says as she unties her hair and lets it fall down. This made Minho blush again.

                “I don’t mean to be awkward,” he starts as he takes a few pictures, “but you’re really pretty.” He smiled at her.

                She giggled. “Does Minho say that to every girl he meets, Kibum?”

                “Honestly? No.” he replied. “You’re one of the few.”

                “Am I?” she says with a big smile on her face. “Thank you,” she told to Minho.  He didn’t respond. He just smiled and lifted his camera to take another picture.

                She laughed at this and started to do cute and funny poses even though he didn’t ask her to. He took as many pictures as he can of her messing around. “How about a picture of both of us,” she interrupted the session.

                “Alright,” he said as he stood by her side and took a few pictures of them together. After they were done taking a few pictures he went through them to delete the ones he didn’t like much and kept the ones he did. After he went through them he showed his favorites of her to her.

                “I actually like those!” she says as she’s looking through them. “You’re not that bad.”

                He blushed once again. “Thanks,” he said quietly. They continued talking until the game started. When the game started they both watched intensely and cheered together. They talked whenever the players weren’t playing, getting to know each other. They found out that they have a lot in common. They even had a similar sense of humor and when they disagreed they thought it was more fun playfully arguing with each other anyways. He couldn’t help it; he ended up exchanging numbers with her by the time the game ended. He didn’t like the idea of not being able to talk to her again.  

                When they left the stadium he was even happier than he was when got in the stadium. His stomach filled with butterflies as he kept thinking of her; _______, the girl he luckily met at a soccer game. 

Are You In Love? (Lay)

hey, hi, hello guys. :) i thought that i would just like to give credit for editing, revising, and making this story better to sonimee. thanks again sofie. :) oh, but sorry for any gramatical errors. that would be comepletely my fault.-LL


“Are you in love? “ your best friend finally asks you after you tell her, Yixing, Kris, Luhan, and Tao about the boy you have liked for a long time now.

You never really gave them a specific description, or a name, not even the letter of which is starts with. But when you told them about him, your eyes would give off a small spark, nothing but a pilot night. Still, your best friend could tell how much your heart would flutter when you think about him and with every word; a pinkish hue would taint your cheeks.

“I’m not sure.” You sigh as you lay down on the grass; still moist from the early morning dew.

“How are you not sure?” your friend persists.

“Just think about it, you must be! When we asked you about him, you talked as though you were in love with him.”

“I did?” you ask oblivious.

“You did!” she reassures you.

“I guess I am…”

With those simple words you close your eyes and stop to listen as they moved on to interrogate Tao about the girl that he has recently been talking about a lot.

You drift off to the previous conversation with your friend that keeps spinning endlessly in your mind like a broken record. “Do I really love Yixing?” you ask yourself, covering your face under your hands.

You think of Yixing and a small yet so loving smile slowly fell upon your lips accompanied with that same pinkish glow on your cheeks. You thought of how he played his guitar so beautifully and passionately. Whenever he played to show off, you couldn’t help yourself but smile even wider. To top it off, he could even sing as beautifully as he played the guitar. Maybe even better. You loved his angelic and mesmerizing voice and wanted him to sing for you, and only you. You knew it was your greediest and most selfish wish but you couldn’t help it. Can anyone blame you for wanting to keep your most treasured thing to yourself? His voice always calmed you; put you in a state of peace and pure bliss, warming your heart no matter how cold it was.

Your thoughts continued to his unbearably good looks. You loved the way his wavy brown hair that seemed so soft and perfect even when it was messy. His deep brown eyes, a color that you have grown to love and has shamelessly become your favorite color, is a sight to see. When those striking eyes hold on to yours, it never fails to take your breath away. His lips were coated with a slight tint of the most delicate shade of red. You sometimes would look at them and think of how it would feel for him to kiss your forehead, your neck, your cheek, and of course your lips. Your thoughts continued to the lust for him that you felt on some nights when you were a felling lonely. On those nights, you wished he would be hovering over you and telling you he loves you, over and over again, between kisses as he tries and to kiss every single part of you and also eventually lets you do the same to him. You’re lust would consume you on those nights with you thinking of how his hands would feel touching every part of you and how your bodies would mold into each other until you two fit together perfectly. But no matter how those nights went, you always thought of him as pure and innocent especially with that smile that he has that you swear can light up a whole entire city. To you, nothing will change the adorable innocence in him.

Your thoughts ended on his caring and gentle personality. Every time you feel upset or down he’s always there for you. In times of need he always does his best to help you out and if he can’t do it himself, he does his best to find someone who can. He always seems to make sure that you’re happy and if you’re not he’ll be sure to change that. Not only for you but for everyone he holds dear. You envy the rest but also admire it. You also love the way his personality and opinions match yours even when normally you two can almost read each other’s minds as you have similar feelings towards things. You two are so similar that people think that you two are like two peas in a pod, but you feel that you two are just so similar because you two were meant to be together…. it has to be.

“Maybe I am.” You whispered in defeat right before you were thrown out of your thoughts by your friend yelling halfway across the field.

“Yixing stop! I’m trying to talk and I don’t know if I can hold a conversation when you seem to be doing your best to try and distract me,” she yelled, trying to scold Yixing but was doing a terrible job of doing so as she couldn’t help her giggling and laughter.

He smiled. “I’m sorry baby, it’s just that I felt I wanted more of your attention,” he said as she blushed. “I’ll stop now though,” he murmured affectionately, sealing the promise with a sweet kiss.

It was the same sweet and tender kiss you wanted so bad…but could never have. As though those warm and passionate kisses only belong to her; your best friend.

That’s the big problem with being in love with Yixing, it’s not his unbearable good looks, or luscious lips. Not the way his nose would crinkle when he smiles or the way his wavy brown hair would droop down to his deep brown eyes… it’s the simple fact that he loves your best friend. Nothing more.

You didn’t feel like watching any other heart piercing moments like this that always managed to send sharp glass ripping through your spine, so you stood up boldly and let everybody know that you had some place to be as if the agonizing ache in your chest was nothing more than a mere tingle.

With painful yet tedious steps, you started walking towards your home.

You let out mournful sigh along with the well familiar name escaping your lips. ….


The boy you love.

Hello There

I just wrote something, but it was the crappiest thing ever. But I just thought that I’d let you guys know that I’m trying. -LL

With A Smile (Ren)

Sorry this is short. I’m tired and just kind of typing. So there might be some grammar and spelling mistakes. And a sentence might not make sense. I’m sorry, I just wanted to finally do this. Also sorry it took me so long, been so stressed with school honestly. Can’t wait for summer in about a week. Maybe I’ll be in a writing mood and posts some scenarios or fanfiction. Who knows.


requested by: dollynwe


"Minki!" you say happily as you see Minki, more popularly known as Ren walk up to the park that you agreed to meet him at.

"Hey _____." he says in a serious tone. "Sorry, I’m a little late."

"That’s okay, I understand, but is everything all right?" you ask knowing that Ren is usually more outgoing with you unless he’s being serious which means that something is on his mind. 

"Yeah, I’m fine," he replies in a tone that’s very unconvincing. "Can we go sit over there?" he says pointing to a spot under a tree all the way on the other side of the park. "it’s quiet and peaceful over there."

"Okay. Do you want to just sit, stare at the sky, and talk?" 

"Yeah, that sounds nice right now." he says as the two of you make your way to the tree. The walk was a little awkward and it was also silent. Something was definitely on his mind. 

As you two reached the tree on the other side of the park, you laid down next to him in the grass, staring at the clouds. You wanted to find out what was on his mind, but you didn’t want to bother or upset him by pestering him to admit something was going on so you just laid there hoping that he would speak about it soon enough. 

"How have you been?" he asked after some silence.

"Okay, I guess. I just have been wanting to see you as I have been missing you a lot recently." you reply.

"I’m sorry, I’ve just been busy and tired recently."

"No need to apologize. I understand."

He smiles knowing you’re telling the truth when you say you understand.

"How have you and the boys been?"

"We’ve been pretty good. Like I said, we’ve been busy recently." 

"That’s good," you say before it was silent again.

You waited and you waited. As time was passing though, you grew more and more agitated from Minki not telling you why he’s acting the way he is. You couldn’t take it anymore, so after laying in silence for so long you finally spoke up.

"Okay, Minki, what is really going on through your mind right now?"


"Don’t tell me nothing," you say knowing that’s a complete lie. "You have been silent most of this time, it’s obvious there’s something on your mind. Just tell me, I’m not going to get upset or anything if it has to do with me."

"Eh, I don’t know how to say this.." he says nervously.

"Just tell me, I’m not going to judge you, Minki." you say trying to get him to budge.

"Okay, okay" he says giving in. "It’s just that…." he takes a pause to find the right words. "You. I have been feeling so bad. You are giving up a lot for me. You can have some boyfriend that you can call and ask to meet up with at anytime or can go out in public with so easily or be able to show off to your friends. You can have a normal relationship. But here I am, instead of taking advantage of it, I feel like I’m ignoring you since I haven’t been hanging out with you. Like I’m missing chances that I should be taking." he says and sighs. 

"It’s okay Minki. Don’t worry about it. I understand the situation. Besides there’s a reason I’m with you. It’s because you’re the one that I really got to know and ended up really liking…. I really like you Minki. Don’t forget." you tell him reassuringly.

"I know, I know." he says. "But I’m happy to hear that because even if you aren’t ready to say it back, I’m ready to tell you this."

"I love you," he says for the first time with a smile.  

American Wedding

Note: What’s that you say? Original titles? HAHAHAHAcrying okay anyway here we are guys. *high school musical the boys are back playing in the distance* And I’m telling you, this time, I’m sticking around okay? I’m gonna write stuff, and it’s going to be good. Yeah. Flood me with requests. Oh yeah and here’s the reason this story exists: (x


You had an American wedding. They don’t last too much, but you were so in love. Just two teenagers trying to figure out how to exist in a world so big you could get lost if you didn’t have someone to hold on to.

            You remember the way he had knocked on your window late one night with a flask in one hand and car keys in the other.

            “Come with me,” he whispered, trying hard not to wake up your parents. And you went with him, just like that, because that’s what you always did. When he got that look in his eyes, you knew there wasn’t anything you could do to stop him from chasing whatever it was.

            “Where are we going?” you asked once you were in the front seat. He grinned and kissed you with vodka-stained lips.

            “We’re going to get married,” he said and handed you a little vending machine ring, plastic painted silver with a shiny pink heart on the front. Your stomach clenched and your pulse started racing.

            “Are you…are you serious?”

            “You think I’m joking with a ring like that?” he asked, only half kidding.

            You laughed, dizzy with fear, and didn’t respond.

            “So,” he said, turning to start the ignition, “will you? Will you marry me?”

            And then he turned to look at you dead on and those eyes, how could you say no?

            “Yes,” you whispered, heart pounding as you reached for the flask and took one long continuous drink until he took it from you and drained the rest.

            He hit the gas and you drove out of the city, leaving behind your childhood home in a cloud of dust. You continued on for days in a state of semi-consciousness and intoxication under skies from every state. You drove through mountains, across deserts, along coasts, inhaling all thirty-one flavors of sunset.

            And then one day the green signs started to show up.

            Las Vegas: 300 miles

            Did your parents know you were gone?

            Las Vegas: 250 miles

            Did they even care?

            Las Vegas: 100 miles

            Would this really last?

             You stopped yourself right there. Those were questions that you didn’t want the answers to. You stopped checking the mile count. Real life couldn’t touch you now that you were living on the road and under cheap motel sheets. You spent the days in a sunny, dazed euphoria, and your nights figuring out how far was just far enough to keep your purity ring on.

            You kept driving. As more and more billboards began to dot the desert landscape, your drunken and diluted panic began to slowly rise to the surface. For several days somewhere in between the desert and the city you were unable to completely lose consciousness at night. He did alright with the help of a little cheap liquor and a cigarette or two or three. You didn’t mind, as long as he held you close and you could still smell his cologne over all that.

            The last night before you arrived in the city, you remember standing on the motel balcony with one of his cigarettes between your teeth and a hot pink Nevada sunset at your feet, twirling that little plastic ring around your finger. He came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

            “Are you sure this is what you want?”

            A million yes’s and a million no’s immediately jockeyed to be said first, each with their own specific reasons attached. Yes, I adore you. No, I’m going to hurt you. Yes, I want a future with you. No, I’m not ready. I’m still just a kid.

            “Of course,” you whispered, and he looked up at you with that same look in his eyes as he had the first time you met, forever ago on a train that had long since stopped running somewhere in New York. And oh, you must’ve made the right choice because your heart was pounding and you wanted to take him right then and there on the motel balcony. You went to sleep that night burning alive and in a separate bed, the twin you thought you’d have enough self-control to not use.

            You reached the city by twilight the next day. He asked you to pick a chapel, any chapel on the map, and you chose one called Chapel of the Angels. You walked down the aisle decorated with its elaborate neon crucifixes in a pure white dress, holding a bouquet of synthetic flowers. This was it, the moment you’d driven days for. Just nights ago you thought you’d never leave your hometown and now here you were, in the city of lust and bright lights. No place for children.

            You didn’t waste time getting back to the motel. He nearly crashed the car in his haste and you had his shirt unbuttoned by the time you were through the door. Somewhere between the floor and the kitchen counter he asked with shaking breaths if it was worth the wait and no, it was just as good now as it would’ve been last night but you figured at least now you wouldn’t go to hell for it so you gasped back that it was. By the end of the night, just a few hours before dawn, you passed out in his arms and he told you that he loved you. And god, you must’ve loved him too, right? You cared about him and this night had been the best of your life and you were married, for god’s sake.

            “I love you too,” you whispered back, “and I’m scared. Where do we go now that we don’t have a home?”

“I don’t know.” He let out a heavy sigh, but you could tell that he was still up in the clouds. “Let’s figure it out in the morning.”

But the morning never came.

It was just an American wedding. They don’t mean too much, and they don’t last enough.  That’s why when you left him behind in that motel bed, sound asleep and dreaming, you took your ring with you.

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The Last (Kris)

The ending is a little shaky, but I didn’t like how it ended in the video either. So…. -LyssaLion


You sighed as you finished your last story.

                “I think I understand now,” Kris says. “So, I guess that makes me the sixth. So which one am I like?” he asked thinking where he would belong in your story.

                You thought for a moment before answering. “None,” you say nonchalantly. He gives you a confused look before you continue on with a smile. “Because you are all of them. You are who I love as you are the fantasy, the make believe things that are actually true or even sometimes better. You are what I love as you’re my closest friend, the one I share my secrets with, the one that knows me possibly better than I know myself. You are when I love as we are starting a new history as young lovers that we’ll someday reminisce about when we are older. You are where I love as no matter what I’d go anywhere as long as it’s with you,” you paused and looked at him, he had tears slowly flowing out of his eyes. You stopped walking at let go of his hand to wipe away the tears as he was looking at the ground and then continued on. “You are why I love as before you I didn’t understand what I was looking for. Now that I have you, you give my past and future meaning.”

                “You’re the sixth, you’re the last.” You said and Kris looked up into your eyes, with tears still falling out of his own. He gave you a smile before he kissed you.

                “I love you,” you say as he pulls away.

                “I love you too ______,” Kris says and he grabs your hand content with what you had told him as the two of you started walking home.

                “So Kris, may I know who many there were before me?” you asked as the mood started lightening up again.

                “Hmmm,” he thinks. He scrolls through his own stories and replies, “Before you, there were only two.”

                “Can I hear about them?” you asked.

                He smiles. “Honestly though?”

                “Yes,” you say thinking he sounds questionable.

                “After hearing all that you said, it makes my stories incomparable. “

                You giggle at his confession. “That’s fine Kris, not everyone has similar love lives.”

                He nods his head and starts to tell you about his past as well as telling you how important you are to him.